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with 50 g of wool incl. instructions pretty cords quickly made Domestic wood, oiled produced in Germany promotes skill and concentration Simply place the wool thread in the shape of an eight around the fork and lift it over. This is how you create the most beautiful knitting strings for 1001 game ideas, as jewellery, decoration, accessory for doll's dresses and much more. The finished woollen cords can even be put in the washing machine. Promotes dexterity and concentration. Made in Germany. Age recommendation: from approx. 5 years. Wooden knitting fork with 50 g of wool. For your information: Wollmanufaktur Filges Wool from sheep from controlled organic, regional animal husbandry and a processing in which every step is subject to control by Bioland, this is what the wool manufacture of Katrin and Peter Filges stands for. The washed wool is combed and dyed in pure, especially harmoniously shining plant colours in a handicraft work.

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Filges knitting fork with wool in red-pink-purple

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