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Pleasantly soft doll jersey made oforganic cotton in a naturalskin-tone colourfor making your own dollsto give children a self-sewn and therefore very individual doll in their arms is something really wonderful. The more restrained the design of a doll is, the more freedom it gives the playing child in the imagination, whether it is just joyful, sad, vital or tired.In addition, the quality of the manufacturing material plays a major role, wherebyattention should be paid to harmless and pollutant-free, preferably natural materials. This double-knitted doll jersey is particularly suitable for the production of large dolls in the Waldorf style, as known from the doll workshop of Heidi Hilscher. The fabric has a right mesh pattern on both sides and is made of 100% sustainably produced organic cotton. Due to the representation on the screen with individual screen settings, the colours shown may differ from the actual colours. Dimensions: 75 x 40 cm tubular fabric (open width 1.50 x 40 cm).

Item ID 4256600
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Heidi Hilscher
Weight 137 g
Dimensions 180×140×20mm
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Heidi Hilscher

Organic Cotton Doll Jersey, Lightweight Quality


Item number 4256600

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