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In a new design and the usual high quality, now packed in a sustainable, environmentally friendly and shapely way. With this wiping technique, wafer-thin to intensive, smudge-proof colour surfaces are created that require no fixation whatsoever. The colour sticks consist of bound mineral pigment. Traces of colour can be easily removed from the hands with soap and water. 8 paint sticks, 1 rubbing ring, 1 cleaning brush and 1 eraser in a cardboard sliding box to take away and give away. L approx. 11.5 x W 6.7 x H 2.2 cm. practical for on the way 8 paint sticks 1 rubbing ring 1 eraser stick in a cardboard box

Item ID 4341300
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer MeiArt
Weight 50 g
Dimensions 110×60×20mm
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Seccorel Scola Wipe + Paint

Item number 4341300

EUR 14.00 *
Content 1 piece
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