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Keeping honey bees yourself - simple and natural? This book gives all the information you need to start with your own beekeeping: Building instructions, care of the bees during the year, honey harvest, troubleshooting, etc. One chapter is dedicated to the essence of the "bee" and provides valuable background knowledge. With the bee box, beekeeping is particularly suitable for beginners. Whether in a terraced house garden, city garden, balcony or in the countryside, beekeeper Erhard Maria Klein presents this new concept of species-appropriate beekeeping and provides information about the way of life of honey bees. Ideal also for outdoor facilities of schools and companies. "An understandable, illustrated and inspiring instruction how to produce your own honey." Cem Özdemir. 160 pages. Hardcover all background information on species-appropriate beekeeping especially suitable for beginners fascinating insights into the world of the honey bee 162 pages hardcover edition

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Book: The Bee Crate

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