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Bushcraft is the name of this trend to learn and cultivate traditional skills and techniques for survival in nature. Take your children into the forest and use simple tools such as a penknife or saw to make useful objects or toys from plant materials. Bushcraft is not only sustainable, but also incredibly fun. This book will give you useful tips on the endless possibilities that trees and other plants offer for crafting. Bushcraft against alienation from nature We spend less time outdoors today than in the past. In general a lot of knowledge about nature and the use of individual plants, which once was common property, has been lost. If you ask children and adults which trees they know, most of them mention oak and chestnut, only one in two also knows maple, and even fewer recognize tree species such as beech or lime. Knowledge about the craft of plant handling, which used to be handed down over generations, has been lost. This book wants to do something about it - and in a very practical way. Using specific types of shrubs, trees, grasses and herbs, the book explains how their respective materials can best be used for crafting. Many of the instructions are very simple and some are also suitable for smaller children. Use them to make everything from charcoal and ink to practical items like torches, whisks and baskets, toys and simple musical instruments. All you need are a few simple tools such as a pocket knife, saw, rose scissors or a roll of string. Traditional crafts and recipes For this book, Doris Fischer has delved into folklore literature, descriptions of rural life in the recent past, customs and traditions of traditional crafts. From this, she has compiled a collection of ideas, information and projects for handicrafting nature. In addition, the book also contains some recipes for the preparation of plants that you can collect yourself in nature. The useful tips for working in nature are also an invitation to sustainable and nature-loving activities for the whole family. Go out and turn the forest and meadow into a workshop. 256 pages, bound. Bushcraft: Learning traditional skills and techniques for survival in nature Learn simple tools from plant materials Make old knowledge about the crafting of plants Instructions for the whole family, also for smaller children Making of: charcoal, ink, torches, whisks, baskets, toys, simple musical instruments etc. Recipes from the plant world 256 pages, bound

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Flechten, Färben, Schnitzen

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