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Learn to carve 35 step-by-step instructions show how easy it is: swords, tops, jewellery, barbecue forks, bow and arrow or a sleek racing car. With 30 richly illustrated and extensively described instructions, children from 8 years of age learn how to carve the most wonderful things easily and, above all, safely from local woods. How and in which angle to the wood do you hold the knife? Which tools are needed? How do you sit correctly and what do you have to pay attention to when carving? In the children's book "My Carving Workshop" by Astrid Schulte, rules and techniques are explained in a comprehensible way. In addition, the young carvers learn many interesting facts about nature. In an extra section the author explains which wood can be used for carving and how to recognise the trees. The book is accompanied by a high-quality children's carving knife from Opinel. With locking ring and rounded blade it is just the right thing for little carving friends. 80 pages, wire-o-binding, 200 colour photos. The author: Astrid Schulte is a trained nature educator. She has been carving since she was six years old. Her father gave her her first carving knife. In her courses she teaches children and adults the old craft. incl. Opinel children's carving knife with locking ring and rounded tip 35 step-by-step instructions, richly illustrated and described in detail Rules and techniques explained in an understandable way 80 pages, 200 colour photos from 8 years on

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Meine Schnitzwerkstatt

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