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p, li { white-space: pre-wrap } In spring, make a syrup from the first flowering herbs and carve a pipe from young wood. Light a fire in the old way and cook a soup together. Boil natural soap and felt with sheep's wool. Make primitive tools like a stone knife or a bow. Cook a forest balm for the green medicine cabinet over an open fire. Chocolate bananas from the embers and stories around the campfire round off the day. A wealth of practical instructions show how to experience nature up close and in a meaningful way with children in the cycle of the seasons. Natural materials are used to create beautiful and useful things with simple means. Experiencing nature, being in touch with nature and experiencing the natural rhythms of life strengthens, centres and contributes to the development of children's potential. An ideal way to live out the longing for originality, to draw from elementary values and to give space to one's own intuitive core of being. 160 pages, hardback.

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Wildes Naturhandwerk

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