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The Grimpf has stolen the robin his beautiful red, the ladybird his spots, the hedgehog his most beautiful sting and the brook his murmuring splash! Today he has even taken away the sun spots from the deer calf and dragged them into his underground cave. Can Franzi, the forester's daughter, help the calf? - "Long-eared owl - do you know what to do?" A picture-book story of the always bad-tempered forest goblin "Grimpf", of the invisible bird's nest and of love that can heal everything. Texts by Eckehard Waldow, pictures by Wilfried Strüning. Number of pages: 24 hardcover edition. Dimensions: 19 x 23 cm.

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Eckehard Waldow Verlag

Das Hirschkälbchen und der Grimpf

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