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for the speech development of the infant Age recommendation from the 2nd month of life The nursery rhyme is of great importance for the speech development of the infant. It familiarises him or her with the quality of vowels and consonants. It is not so much the content of the words, some of the rhymes dating back to the Middle Ages, that makes them so valuable, but their outstanding speech physiological and rhythmic power. They are a training ground for lips, tongue, teeth and palate. Parents and educators should recite the rhymes to the little ones very slowly and expressively, pointing to the corresponding picture motifs and imitating the activities shown. Through constant repetition, the child gradually acquires healthy breathing and speaking skills through hearing, seeing and imitation. Only a clearly articulated, rhythmic speech guarantees the necessary ventilation, strengthening and harmonization of the mouth, throat and ear area. Unfortunately, the electronically generated word has often displaced the self-spoken nursery rhyme. With "Kinnewippchen" we first touch the child's chin, stroke over his lips, touch the tip of his nose with our finger, follow the eye movements and briefly pluck the hair. With "Da hast Du einen Taler" we pat the child's little hand, with "Dille, dille dänzchen" we make the little hand tingle with one finger. With "How do the gentlemen ride" the child sits on the knees of the mother, who makes the three different riding movements. In the other rhymes we point to the pictures. Recommended age from the 2nd month of life. W 42 x H 32 cm, ring-bound with insensitive surface.

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Sonne Sonne scheine - Alte Kinderreime

Item number 4277700

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