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This is an exciting new edition of a classic storybook anthology, illustrated for the first time in colour by bestselling author Daniela Drescher.The book is a collection of forty stories from around Europe about gnomes, dwarfs, leprechauns, fairies and little folk. The stories come from Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, England, Flanders and Scandinavia. Table of Contents A Word About DwarfsThe Venetians, SwitzerlandThe Dwarf Baptism, SwitzerlandThe Song of the Gnomes, SwitzerlandThe Dwarf Who Was Refused Shelter, SwitzerlandThe Gnome's Gifts, SwitzerlandThe Griffin-bird, SwitzerlandThw Mountain-gnome's Warning, SwitzerlandThe Maid and the Kobolds, SwitzerlandThe Mountian with Golden Feet, AustriaKate Crackernuts, EnglandThe Dwarfs of Grindlewald, SwitzerlandTom-Tit-Tot, EnglandThe Grateful Dwarf, SwitzerlandThe Helpful Mountain-gnome, SwitzerlandThe Hired Cow, SwitzerlandDavid Wright and the Faires, ScotlandThe Goatherd of Kloster, SwitzerlandThe Little One, ScotlandThe Field of Boliauns, IrelandThe Punishment of the Mountain-gnome, AustriaThe Herd-boy, SwedenLuran and the Faries, ScotlandThe Green Glass Bottle, IrelandThe Farmer and the Fairy Hillock, ScotlandThe Brownie of Rothiemurchus, ScotlandThe Blacksmith's Apprentice, FlandersThe Magic Lamp, FlandersThe Smith and the Grateful Dwarf, FlandersThe Wigmaker and the Dwarfs, FlandersThe White Dove, GermanyThe Long Nose, GermanyHurleburlebutz, GermanyThw White Wolf, GermanyThe Little Old Man, GermanyJack and his Little Flute, GermanyDream-Hänsel, GermanyThe Little Man of the Chest, GermanyThe Gifts of the Little Folk, GermanyThe Wicked Dwarf, Spain

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Over the Hills and Far Away

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