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Twelve Children's Poems by Christian MorgensternSelected by Christa Slezak-Schindlermit pictures by Christiane LeschundInspiration for speech formationWith subtle humour, great composure and an incomparable touch of the heart, Christian Morgenstern takes in the children's soul, awakens the longing for true reality and ignites the world's interest in a refreshing spring of lively language.Foreword by Christa Slezak-SchindlerThe Poetry of Christian Morgenstern:- The Ducks Are Skating - Mr. Spoon and Mrs. Fork - From the Big Elephant- Spring Comes Soon- Saying Before The Table- The Three Sparrows - Song of the Sun- Forest Fairy Tale - Winter Night- The Evening- Hare Hunter- FipsChrista Slezak-Schindler, Otto Ph. Sponsel-Slezak, Die Sprachgestaltung:- The audition- The word of the heart- The word of the heart- The word of the mouth- Breathing life- In the shelter of speech- Vowels and consonants- The poetic speech designer- The word of the sun- The speech ear- Christmas- Silence- The syllable step- The vocabulary

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Dem Kinde im Menschen

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