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Mysterious light signs in the castle on the island take Samuel's breath away. Who sneaks across the forbidden island there, who is the eerie stranger who rows over to the island off the coast at night? Every evening the boy Samuel sits on the cliffs high above the sea and ponders his life. Struck by a heavy personal fate, the distant island with the castle becomes the destination of his dreams. He does not yet suspect that he is on the verge of the drama of his life. His curiosity turns into an exciting journey into his own inner self. In many adventures, personal crises and through hard training he gets to know the source of evil in people. In the heat of the desert, in dark caves, through love, jealousy and murderousness, but also through many practical exercises, Samuel gets to know himself and learns how to overcome the dragon in man. An exciting novel for young people and adults. From the age of 13. Review in: Gegenwart, 5/1998 Rezensent: Gerold Aregger Wolfgang Weirauch von den Flensburger Heften tells in the form of a classic adventure novel, extended with inner experiences and trials, the path of a boy until he meets the dragon in his soul. From a master, Samuel acquires in practicing steps the strength to withstand the terrible confrontation. But before that he tries to free his teacher from a hopeless situation. In the process he learns the hair-raising story of his teacher ... A novel for young people about self-knowledge, good and evil, love and hate and how they mix in people, about abysses, falls and victories. A tale that tries to solve life's riddles.

Item ID 10000626
Age rating 14 and older
Manufacturer Flensburger Hefte
Weight 462 g
Dimensions 210×140×25mm
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Flensburger Hefte

Im Spiegel der Finsternis

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