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After the ten-year-old Mary Lennox, daughter of an English colonial official in India, has lost her parents, she is sent to her uncle in England, who resides in a huge mansion on the edge of a vast moor. The spoiled, headstrong girl does not find it easy to find her way around the new environment. This changes when Mary meets her cousin Colin, who is the same age and suffers from a mysterious illness and is therefore kept hidden by his father. Together, the two children discover and conquer the mysterious and enchanted world of a secret garden that no one has entered for years. Here, in the midst of plants and animals, in close contact with nature, the two spoiled young people, who have been damaged by their social environment, succeed in finding a new, positive attitude towards life and themselves, in giving up their sense of entitlement, arrogance and self-centredness. This internationally popular children's book classic has remained enchantingly young. For almost a hundred years, Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic has been one of the most popular works of children's literature. Magnificent and enchanting illustrations. Recommended age: from 8 years. 280 pages, hardcover edition. One of the most popular works of children's literature. Gorgeous and magical illustrations. hardcover edition from 8 years. 280 pages

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Der geheime Garten

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