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Catchy melodies in a five-tone space suitable for children (d, e, g, a, b). Easily arranged and accompanied with a few chords. An enrichment for instrumental lessons, a song treasure for making music with children. Attractive, lovingly designed pictures stimulate the child's imagination. Melody and text: Helga M. Berger, Illustration: Kristin Schnack. 72 pages. Songbook on the Engelberg five-tone flute made by the Kunath instrument maker catchy melodies in a five-tone range suitable for children (d, e, g, a, b) appealing, lovingly designed pictures 72 pages

Item ID 4284400
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Kunath
Weight 555 g
Dimensions 300×210×10mm
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Kunath Notenheft „Fünf Töne machen Musik"

Item number 4284400

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