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This book contains 101 enchanting folk tales for unforgettable fairytale hours. They tell of cheeky animals, adventurous heroes and clever princesses. From the visit to the kingdom of the dwarves they tell how to outwit dragons and giants and what gifts the heroes and heroines bring home from the fairies and mermaids. Last but not least, there are stories about hunger and nibbling until all ears are full. So there are chapters for girls and boys, for young and old, for the short fairytale time before falling asleep, as well as for a long fairytale night. With introductory texts, suggestions for storytelling, further thoughts and enchanting colour illustrations. The children's fairy tales are provided with age recommendations and the introductory texts provide numerous tips for children to tell their stories. A fantastic treasure chest of fairy tales to read aloud, read by yourself and tell again and again. Authors: Djamila Jaenike/Cristina Roters. 288 pages, colour illustrations, bound with a ribbon.

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Kindermärchen aus aller Welt

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