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What do the leaves of a plane tree look like? How can you recognise a larch? How does a beech differ from a hornbeam? What wood are the masts of old sailing ships made of? And which trees grow in orchards? This carefully researched book of identification clearly and playfully reveals what distinguishes these green giants. And it makes you want to take a closer look at them. Around 40 trees are presented in the changing seasons and portrayed through Charlotte Voake's delicate yet precise illustrations. In the back of the book there is also room for your own tree studies. Illustrations and decoration make this book of destination an enchanting gift book at the same time. 80 pages, hardback edition. Half-linen. beautifully illustrated book by Charlotte Voake 40 trees in the change of seasons, hardcover, half-linen 80 pages, 8 years and older Determine trees with children

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Linde, Weide, Apfelbaum

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