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99 stories for young and old. Tales, legends, destinies, anniversaries. The art of introducing children to great human action through pictorial stories has always had its place in human history. Experiencing narrated content means creating inner richness and forms fundamental experiential spaces for every human being. - That which is predisposed in this way often only bears fruit in the course of life. The loving turning of the narrating soul to the listeners is food for their hearts. And so it is above all parents and teachers who have the task of satisfying the hunger for poetic images that the children carry within them. This longing for vivid images did not subside when they entered school. Much depends on what a person takes in at any age as food for his soul. A rich ear of grain lives from a seed placed in the earth at the right time. Bound edition. 784 pages

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Book: You don't forget what speaks to the heart

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