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No matter whether the squirrel Husch-Husch has to defend his winter supply against sneaky thieves, the little mice Minchen, Trinchen, Fellchen and Krällchen miss their youngest sibling or the hedgehog Piekobello has filled his belly too much, the little rabbit Filomeo always knows how to remedy the situation. And when it comes to supporting his comrade, the frog Quak Plitsch-Platsch von Matschmoormolchingen and Lurchlaichlaugen the Fourteenth, who is determined to win the Moonlight Singer Competition, Filomeo is also right there with enthusiasm. The original and cheerful rabbit stories, which are also very suitable for reading aloud, will not only inspire children. a book for children from 5 years of age Reading aloud book not only for Easter Adventures of a little rabbit

Item ID 4345600
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Urachhaus
Weight 290 g
Dimensions 210×145×15mm
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Die Abenteuer des Hasen Filomeo

Item number 4345600

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