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Food for thought a tempo The Lebensmagazin is a magazine for living with time. It arouses attention for the moments and subtle differences that make our time worth experiencing. Through interesting journalistic articles, exclusive photographic stories and topics worth reading, the magazine wants to inspire thinking and discovery! a tempo not only features articles about books and culture, but also essays, reports and interviews about and with people who not only want to spend their time, but also want to shape it. The cooperation with good photographers supports the style of the magazine. For this reason, individual photo series are always made for reports and interviews. The name a tempo not only has a musical reference ("a tempo", Italian for "back to the tempo", is an instruction in music that says that a previously made change of tempo is cancelled and returned to the previous tempo), but also indicates that every person has his own tempo, his own speed, his own rhythm - and must always find it again. The columns of the magazine: editorial im Gespräch im Gesprächenblicke doch einweilen doch ... erlesen Thema mensch & kosmos das gedichtes kalendarium der himmelden auf erden erfinder & visionäre sprechstunde warum ich ohne kafka nicht leben kann sehenswert geschlagen wund wundersamme Zusammenhänge literature for young readers my colourful studio culture tip weiterkommen sudoku & preisrätsel tierisch gut suchen & finden ad hoc

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a tempo

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