Long sleeve bodysuit fuchsia

70 % wool, 30 % silk

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Slip collar, press studs at crotch

Material: 70% organic merino wool, 30% silk

skin-friendly, warming
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Long sleeve bodysuit fuchsia, 70 % merino wool (kbT), 30 % silk by Hocosa

Warm baby bodysuit made from a fine merino wool-silk blend for the cooler seasons. The bodysuit with slip-on collar makes it particularly easy for baby to get on and off.

The press studs in the crotch are particularly practical when changing baby's nappy. The long-sleeved bodysuit by Hocosa in fuchsia is also ideal for babies with sensitive skin thanks to the silk content. This bodysuit is the ideal baby gift for the birth and a beautiful baby garment for the baby outfit.

Long sleeve bodysuit made of merino wool & silk, a cosy warming cover for the baby

  • Baby clothes
  • Slip collar
  • Press stud placket in the crotch
  • organic merino wool from controlled organic animal husbandry
  • cooling silk content
  • also for neurodermatitis

product details:

Baby clothes
Organic baby long sleeve bodysuit, Hocosa
Slip collar, press studs in the crotch
material: 70 % organic merino wool, 30 % silk
Colour: fuchsia

Country of manufacture: Switzerland.

Care instructions: Wool wash cycle or hand wash with suitable wool detergent.

Natural baby clothes made of organic wool, silk and organic cotton, can be found in our baby clothes category !

The right clothes for your baby

Baby clothes should be practical, comfortable, easy to care for, and good for the newborn's skin. Soft wool-silk clothing has many good qualities. Silk is very similar to our skin structure and so is particularly kind to the skin. Clothing made of delicate silk is also suitable for children with neurodermatitis. Wool fibres are warming, while silk has cooling properties. The best choice is organic baby clothes, free of harmful substances!

Baby clothes made of wool Silk has to be washed by hand or in the wool-waxing programme of the washing machine. This puts many parents off, but you are doing something good for your child when it is allowed to grow up in this natural cover!

Wool fibres absorb a lot of moisture and wick it away from the child's body. Wool clothing keeps the baby warm and dry. If the baby sweats, it can easily cool down if it is dressed in clothing made of synthetic fibres. If the child wears clothing made of wool, the baby's skin does not cool down as quickly! Organic wool is naturally dirt-repellent. The wool fibre is made of keratin. Keratin breaks down bacteria and is therefore self-cleaning. It is therefore sufficient to only air baby clothing made of wool-silk blends if it is lightly soiled and only wash it after it has been worn several times and if it is heavily soiled!

At Waldorfshop you will find a growing range of cute, practical and eco-friendly baby clothes made of cotton, such as trousers and caps, T-shirts, cardigans and much more, in our baby category!

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