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Kalender: Das Märchen-Jahr

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The perpetual language art calendar "The Fairy Tale Year" contains twelve lesser-known fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and a comprehensive introduction to the art of language design. The months in turn are related to the zodiac and the developmental powers of the twelve monthly virtues taught by Rudolf Steiner. The colour arrangement of the calendar is based on the twelve-colour circle suggested by Rudolf Steiner, combined with the twelve original consonants of language. Each fairy tale was lovingly recounted by Christiane Lesch with watercolours, and the calendar serves to give a new understanding of the anthroposophy of speech formation with regard to a general shaping of life in awareness of the cosmic-human sound forces, the inner rhythms and healing effects of language, and provides space for personal entries, remarks and notes.Year overviewThe fairy tale year leads through the twelve fairy tales:- The shepherd's boy- Straw, coal and bean- The mermaid- The stolen light- The fox and the horse- The white dove- The corn ears- The shroud- The elves- The twelve apostles- The three ravens- Princess Mouse skinEach fairy tale fulfils a period:April - Aries21. March to 20 AprilMay - Taurus21. April to 21 MayJune - Twins22. May to 21 JuneJuly - Cancer22. June to 22 JulyAugust - Leo23. July to 23 AugustSeptember - Virgo24. August to 23 SeptemberOctober - Libra24. September to 23 OctoberNovember - Scorpio24. October to 22 NovemberDecember - Sagittarius23. November to 21 DecemberJanuary - Capricorn22 December to 20 JanuaryFebruary - Aquarius21. January to 19 FebruaryMarch - Pisces20. February to 20. MarchEach fairy tale has its own sound character:W R H F V T D B P CH C S Z SCH G K L M NThe sounds are related to the virtues of the month:- Humility (reverence) becomes sacrifice - (inner) balance becomes progress - endurance becomes loyalty - selflessness becomes catharsis - compassion becomes freedom - politeness becomes heartbeat - contentment becomes serenity - patience becomes insight - thought control (control of the tongue) becomes perception of truth - courage becomes redeeming power - discretion (secrecy) becomes meditation power - magnanimity becomes love:- Respect for the divine teachers, the lutes- The rhythmic syllable step- The path of the art of speech- The ordinary and the higher ego- The unfolding of the voice- The lyrical ego- The epic ego- The dramatic ego- The thought of speech- The gesture of speech- The pause and the silence- The heart speaking

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