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The calendar gives suggestions to seek out the spiritual qualities of the individual days of the week in the experience. Each calendar page is designed in the colour assigned to the day and contains a verse from the tree sayings of Johannes Hemleben. Objects of daily life are assigned to the respective day. The corresponding vowel and the corresponding type of grain are listed in the lower left corner. In the middle is the tree, below right the planet sign and the tone of the scale. These details refer to old traditions and were supplemented by Rudolf Steiner. W 20,6 x H 29,6 cm. This calendar was designed by Isabella Materna, painting therapist of the Werkgemeinschaft. A product of the LebensWerkGemeinschaft gGmbH, Werkgemeinschaft für Berlin-Brandenburg. Wall calendar for experiencing the qualities of the weekday for everyday life at home for kindergarten/school accompanied by the week: Tree Saying Grain Type Colour Vowel Sound Planet sign

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LebensWerkGemeinschaft gGmbH

Wall calendar tree sayings

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