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"Imagine your child is Gandhi. How do you duck? "This quote from Marshall Rosenberg maintains a respectful attitude. Nonviolent Communication (GFK) is a communication and conflict resolution concept developed by Marshall Rosenberg. This means it is a language without changing and the development of a sensitive connection to others on the level of feelings and belongs, beyond the pure method, which is based on four-sided monitoring concerns, which become, even the bookish, the GRP an attitude of equivalence and empathy. Given from this an appreciative relationship that belongs to inner peace and interest solving ability to solve conflicts. For Gitta Zimmermann and Vivek Kumar Singh Bodhisatva global children have their own value in our societies. These two have the great desire to give them respect and esteem, just as Gandhi is. Their goal is to help the young generation to communicate non-violently with this book. Everyone can learn and rediscover it, because this is the attitude with which we are born. The stories of the wolf Lups and the giraffe Spotty are part of her daily adventure in the jungle. Lups stands for our own personal rights, Spotty for non-violent and emphatic communication. In the course of their adventures they become good friends. To understand the conversations of the two even better from a GRP point of view, to connect and lose the stories. The painter Christiane Lesch has painted expressive and authentic watercolours to the stories, which for the most part belong to tender encounters of Lups and Spotty in a sensitive way. They have illustrated personal children's books, for adults she paints non-representational pictures in oil and acrylic. It is important for Christiane Lesch and Gitta Zimmermann to show children hand painted signs. Vivek Singh is an Indian participant of a workshop of Gitta Zimmermann in Ruhpolding. Gitta Zimmermann is a certified trainer for non-violent communication and entertainment and enjoys international workshops for people working with children.

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Die Abenteuer von Lups und Spotty

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