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a practical and imaginative guide vivid explanations of the technique by Christel Dhom bound edition, 131 pages It is no longer a secret that as an adult you can make beautiful things from felt. Christel Dhom shows in her latest book how you can achieve really great results with children when felting. She describes not only how to work with several children at home or school, but also which things are feasible for which age and with which expenditure of time. In doing so, the pleasantly balancing effect of wet felting on both the overstrained and the underchallenged senses of the children is always in the foreground. A practical book for working with children between five and fifteen at school and at home. With children it can be wonderfully felted. And that this does not only produce little things, but really nice things like felt bags, slippers or scarves, which the children can either use themselves or give away as a present, is shown in this practical instruction book by Christel Dhom.

Item ID 9831000
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