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"Naturkinder" presents an abundance of projects for do-it-yourself, from flower tattoos to lip balm, from vanilla bath for pirates to finger paint, from insect hotel to ice cream painting and from autumn jam to herbal memory. You will also find ideas for land art in all seasons, activities in the snow, games to shorten waiting times and interesting facts about the animals that live here. Some ideas can be implemented immediately, others you can take home with you, maybe even with the necessary material. Stones and wood, berries and herbs, flowers and nutshells are not only beautiful, but also cheaper than purchased materials. The more original and natural the materials are, the more freedom is left to the children's imagination. And the simpler and clearer the projects are, the more intensively the children will be involved and enjoy them. The instructions can be adapted to the age of the children and with regard to the group constellation or mood. Brochure with flaps. Number of pages: 160

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