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Verflickt und Zugenäht

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It's as simple as that: mend and beautify your favourite pieces that are worn out.tips and tricks from the sewing workshop: whether by hand or with the machine.with a useful chapter on materials and textile care.this is a practical manual for all those who like to carry on wearing their favourite clothes instead of throwing them away just because they have a hole or a tear. Whether by hand or by machine, Kerstin Neumüller shares the tips and tricks she has collected from her friends and fellow tailors, and shows how to mend clothes in many decorative ways, sew up a paratrooper-style tear, darn knitwear and repair leather clothing. A chapter on materials science provides valuable information on how to keep new clothes in good condition for as long as possible. Brochure with flaps. Number of pages: 182

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