Die 100 schönsten Märchen der Brüder Grimm

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A real treasure for the whole family. With colourful watercolours, silhouettes and vignettes by Daniela Drescher. A book in which there is something new and magical to discover on every page. The fairy tale collection contains 100 fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, among others: The Frog Prince | Fairy Tales of One Who Went Forth, to learn to be afraid | The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids | Rapunzel Brother and Sister | The Three Little Men in the Forest | Hansel and Gretel | The White Snake | The Fisherman and his Wife | The Brave Little Tailor | Cinderella Frau Holle | The Seven Ravens | The Three Languages | Little Red Riding Hood | The Bremen Town Musicians | The Puss in Boots | Table Cover Yourself | Daumesdick | Sleeping Beauty King Thrushbeard | The Two Brothers | The Golden Goose | Jorinda and Joringel | Princess Mousehide The Water of Life | The Seven Swabians | The Dancing Shoes | The Iron John | Snow White and Rose Red | The Forest House and many other Bound (half-linen) Edition. Number of pages: 344

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