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Wraps are a holistically effective and gentle healing method for colds, fever, stomach and back pain, joint problems and much more . They can also promote healthy sleep. They are suitable for everyone, whether child, adult or senior. In order to use wraps and pads successfully, it is important to follow the right tricks. This book provides you with the necessary know-how. The authors show you which poultice can be used for which complaints, how to prepare it and what is important when applying it. With many more recovery tips and information on medicinal plants, curd cheese and steam, etc.; authors: Berna- dette Bächle-Helde and Ursel Bühring, cover: booklet with flaps. Number of pages: 144 including 80 colour photos. 0 colour photos.

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Verlag Eugen Ulmer

Heilsame Wickel und Auflagen

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