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A jewel is this sleep booklet designed by Heide Mende-Kurz, pentatonic music by A. Künstler, with pictures and notes on the back of the cover. The path of development from the light of the sun to the light of the starry night is special. Plant, animal and human being come to rest. Only the moon sees all events from behind. And the child is already asleep. The five language picture books by Mrs. Mende-Kurz are gems for the language development of our children, because the nursery rhyme is of great importance for the language development of the infant. It familiarizes the child with the quality of vowels and consonants. It is not so much the content of the words of the rhymes, some of which date back to the Middle Ages, that makes them so valuable, but their outstanding speech physiological and rhythmic power. They are a training ground for lips, tongue, teeth and palate. pentatonic set of lullaby from 0-6

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Summ Summ Summ

Item number 4277800

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