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Das bucklig Männlein

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Much more often parents and educators should accompany the events in the children's everyday life with rhymes. Thus, the Bucklig Männlein is particularly well suited to prevent tantrums and displeasure. For the first time, every line of rhyme starts with "I". "Do I want to go to my garden". We have such a hunchbacked little man inside of us, he belongs to us like sun and moon. This rhyme is for children from the age of 3 years, because it puts the events into real space dimensions. In the garden (outside), in the kitchen (inside), in the living room (inside), on the floor (above), in the cellar (below), in the room/room (inside). It is no longer the "Gretel", the "witch", the "Schneppertaschen", etc. who do something, no it is now the I who does it. These rhyme verses begin with "will I go into my garden"... This new ego achievement makes this rhyme so special. The five language picture books by Mrs. Mende-Kurz are gems for the language development of our children. There is a rhyme for many "difficult" situations in the everyday life of children, even for an infant. The mothers simply no longer know about the profound effect of rhythmic speech on the overall speech development of our children. Try it yourself, and speak the appropriate verses when the child is whining, screaming, stubborn, has a little spit, doesn't like to eat, doesn't know what he wants, doesn't fall asleep - simply wants to be different from his mother or father. You will experience miracles, how the child is suddenly put into a different mood. Provided you articulate the vowels and consonants of the rhyming verses slowly and clearly. The Remin makes children familiar with the quality of the vowels and consonants and has excellent speech physiological and rhythmic power:It is a training ground for lips, tongue, teeth and palate. W 42 x H 30 cm, hardcover with insensitive surface. Prevent tantrums and displeasure with rhymes from 3 years on

Item ID 4277600
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