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A suggestion to join in: Recite the rhymes slowly, point to the picture texts and imitate the activities. In this way the child acquires a healthy breathing and speaking ability through seeing, hearing and imitating. The spoken word has become rare. The electronically transmitted word has replaced it. This handicrafts book is intended to encourage parents, grandparents and educators to speak nursery rhymes with their children themselves again. In the past, nursery rhymes were part of education just as semolina porridge was part of child nutrition. The slower and more expressive the adult speaks the vowels and consonants of the rhyme, the more joyfully the child can imitate the movement not only by hearing but also by seeing. The rhythmically spoken language causes a more active respiratory flow and promotes the ventilation of the nasopharyngeal cavity. The differentiated hand movements have also been displaced by the machine. These handicraft pictures want to show typical handicrafts in their work and creation and encourage adults and children to imitate the movements. They should learn to creatively handle stone, iron, wood, willow, clay, wool, threads, leather and textiles. In this way wooden blocks become hammer and chisel, modelling wax becomes earth and stones become sounding bodies. But the work driver is the rhyme! From the very first year of life, little nursery rhymes can be spoken for the child, but always accompanied by movement. Recommended age from 1 year. The five language picture books by Mrs. Mende-Kurz are gems for the language development of our children, because the nursery rhyme is of great importance for the language development of the small child. It familiarises the child with the quality of the vowels and consonants and has excellent speech physiological and rhythmic power: they are a training ground for lips, tongue, teeth and palate. W 42 x H 30 cm, ring-bound with an insensitive surface. learning healthy breathing and speaking skills through play by seeing, hearing and imitating

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Wer will fleissige Handwerker sehen?

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