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Summer, sun, archipelago - what could Pelle and his siblings wish for more beautiful holidays! But the old carpenter's house that father Melcher rented is a real dump. And Melcher really wasn't born to be a craftsman. No matter! The best thing for Pelle is to roam the countryside with the island girl Tjorven and her St. Bernard boatman, and stumble from one adventure to the next. It is summer, you can feel it on your skin..." Süddeutsche ZeitungThe first part of Astrid Lindgren's classic "Holidays on Saltkråkan", for the first time as an unabridged reading, immediately transports you to the summery island world of Sweden. Unabridged reading; running time: 260 min.; recommended age: 6 years and older

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Oetinger Verlag

Hörbuch Ferien auf Saltkrokan - Teil 1

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