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atmospheric family songs for a bright season with a beautiful variety of languages by Johannes Stankowski from 3 years picture book, 22 pages with audio CD There can be no talk of a gloomy mood: The album "Alles wird bunt" by Johannes Stankowski brings atmospheric family songs for the bright season. "Hello, Bongiorno! Que pasa, mon amour?" With a beautiful variety of languages, the listeners are greeted on the new album "Alles wird bunt" by the Cologne musician Johannes Stankowski. The song is called "Everywhere on earth" and invites people from 3 years on to discover the world of handmade music. Because while on many children's CDs the beats come from the PC, here a real band is playing. Everything sounds casual and lively, creating a warm and soulful sound that makes young parents breathe a sigh of relief. Maite Kelly, meanwhile mother of three herself, Charlotte Brandi from the indie band "Me and my Drummer" and Suzie Kerstgens, singer of the band "Klee", give the songs in the choir an additional autumnal glow. The 10 new family songs are about a cosy day in the pajamas and exciting journeys of discovery to the animals in the city. "As a father, the topics are always in your mind," says Johannes Stankowski. "Things that are the most normal things in the world for us are just new, unspent and impressive for children. When you change into this perspective, life is full of exciting circumstances." Picture book 22 pages including audio CD

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Buch und CD: Alles wird bunt

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