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Vom Seelenwesen des Kindes

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A standard work of Waldorf Education is now appearing in its 13th edition. In this work the author, who was one of the first teachers of the Waldorf School to be appointed by Rudolf Steiner, delves deep into the child's psyche and gives and teachers indispensable help in recognising and educating the child. Chapter from the contents:-The physical form of the child -The nature of the child's soul (the different temperaments and their treatment) -The development of the child's consciousness -The transition from play to work in school -Rhythm in the life of the child and education for religious feeling -Educators and children Text on the back of the book: Caroline von Heydebrand was one of the first teachers at the Waldorf School founded in 1919 in Stuttgart and was a pioneer in Waldorf Education. Her life­ began in Silesia­, where she was born on 22 December 1886 in Breslau, and in the summer of 1919, when she was 33 years old, she took part in the founding of the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart. She dedicated her life to the art of education founded by Rudolf Steiner, and her kindness and great love for the small and growing child had an impressive effect on her pupils and colleagues. This book is a monument to the pedagogical art that Rudolf Steiner's insight into human nature trains in the teacher and became a source of pedagogical inspiration for many teachers and educators of subsequent generations.

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