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Die Würde des kleinen Kindes

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What keeps the little child healthy?care and education in the first three years of life New and proven findings for the care and education of the child in the first three years of life.the contributions in this book deal with the process of becoming human in the first three years of life. They illuminate questions concerning the learning of walking, speaking and thinking by the small child - on the one hand from the viewpoint of anthroposophical anthropology, and on the other hand from Emmi Pikler's research:- How can the child be given sufficient freedom so that he or she can best develop the future abilities that lie within him or her?- How can the child's autonomous will to learn be supported and encouraged so that his or her personality can develop on the basis of trust and security?- How can the ability of the small child to relate be shaped by attentive and trusting interaction in care situations, as a prerequisite for the child to make use of its opportunities for free activity?- How must the environment of the small child be shaped, also with regard to the self-education and self-development of parents and educators, so that the child can experience itself in being for itself, but also in connection with its environment?The answers to these four essential questions correspond to the current state of knowledge and practical experience. In order to be able to optimally support the child in its development in a world that is often not suitable for children, the interdisciplinary synopsis of medical-psychological-pedagogical research approaches has proven to be particularly fruitful and forward-looking, in collaboration with the Association of Waldorf Kindergartens and the Medical Section at the Goetheanum.

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