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We are pleased to be able to offer the new language-pedagogical guidebook "Throw gold and silver over me" about the language responsibility when learning to speak, learn to write, learn to read with 3 DVDs. DVD 1 shows how and why the movements of the sound articulations of the old nursery rhymes are indispensable for language development, tooth and jaw formation. DVD 2 demonstrates what imagination and movement play sequences must be passed through in the first seven years to prevent dyslexia. DVD3 shows why learning to write and read the letters, the words, are going so wrong today, causes fear, and uncertainty, instead of enthusiasm for our wonderful language. Heide Mende-Kurz, known for her many children's rhyme language picture books in our Waldorfshop. She is a speech designer, reciter, picture book and non-fiction author and treats children from 2 to 14 years of age in speech therapy and speech therapy. The Viedeos show an insight into her work. www.wortforum.de Cover: hardcover edition. Included: 3 DVD`s.

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Wirf Gold und Silber über mich

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