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The embryonic and postnatal phenomena of the expectant human being from conception to the third year of life are examined from a medical, artistic and educational perspective. The focus is particularly on the development of the life forces and the physical body of the child against the background of the larger developmental contexts that shape these two layers of the human being, which are reflected in every development, however small. The following questions are central: - What influences for the development of the child that are beneficial, but also possibly harmful, result from the social trend to increasingly provide institutional care for children under the age of three? - How can damage to health in later life be avoided through prevention in the first three years? - What can we do in pregnancy and early childhood as a preventative measure to safeguard and protect the sovereignty and dignity of the small child even more decisively, so that the child can develop healthily? Answering these questions requires intensive cooperation between parents, educators, therapists, midwives, doctors and psychotherapists. The basis and prerequisite for this is the knowledge of the essential building blocks of child development, which lies in research-based observation and the resulting findings, which are then jointly exchanged and ideally put into practice in practical work. The living conditions of our time call for the formation of a network around the small child in order to offer him or her the best possible physical, mental and spiritual environment for his or her development. This book is the result of collaboration with the Association of Waldorf Kindergartens, the Pedagogical and Medical Sections at the Goetheanum.

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Die Würde des kleinen Kindes 2

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