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Understanding children better In questions of education today, a mood of crisis is increasingly spreading, sometimes even to the point of Cassandra's cries of an impending catastrophe. This unease is mainly due to the fact that more and more children show so-called behavioural disorders or abnormalities and are considered to be difficult to manage educationally. Henning Köhler examines the question of whether children are actually becoming increasingly difficult or whether the general state of consciousness and social conditions are driving them towards a situation that is unbearable for children: Who or what is actually difficult here? The book questions habitual patterns of thought and outlines a spiritually deepened concept of education that could lead out of the current crisis of meaning. Henning Köhler questions conventional patterns of explanation and advocates a pedagogy oriented towards the child instead of the will of the adults. He shows that children's difficulties are basically the problems of adults and the growing alienation in our environment. Table of Contents I. There are no difficult children : Education, the end of a major project? By psychodetectives and educational mechanics. For a pedagogy of the heart. The value-awareness view. Educational art, what is it? Is childhood about to be erased? The future of childhood and the future of the earth II. Aphoristic in execution of the idea of childhood. Educational art exercises: The childhood idea as a cultural factor. People or plums? About the overestimation of the educator's own capabilities: Understanding truth. The pathology of mastered life and the power of wonder. Germs of abilities. No child is evil. Hope and tragedy. Or: Was Beethoven a failure?

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Schwierige Kinder gibt es nicht

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