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And they stood so close to each other that each saw his own reflection in the eyes of the other and it was as if at that moment something of Iseult in Tristan and something of Tristan in Iseult were entering into Tristan and something of Tristan in Iseult that they would not lose for the rest of their lives. Tristan should not have loved Isolde and Isolde should not have loved Tristan, for she was chosen by King Mark. It was only for this reason, Rosemary Sutcliff suspects, that the courtly medieval storytellers inserted the motif of the love potion accidentally enjoyed by both of them. She draws on the old - wild, darker - Celtic original and tells in a wonderful way how the deep love between the Irish princess Yseult and the Cornish hero Tristan develops. With the illustrations by Christiane Lesch, a little masterpiece of her own has been created, which has the effect and aftereffect of a fairy tale.

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