Leggings wool-silk, olive green  152


Leggings wool-silk, olive green

for children

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Leggings for children, wool-silk,olive green.

Leggings for children made of a soft, warming blend of wool and silk, in olive green. Thanks to the material composition, these leggings have a warming and at the same time body temperature regulating effect. The ideal trousers for cold winter days. Also suitable as ski underwear.

An ideal pair of wool trousers or leggings to wear underneath, as pyjama trousers or also as light leggings.

  • Leggings for children
  • Material: 70 % wool (kbT), 30 % silk
  • Colour: olive green
  • Manufacturer: Hocosa
  • Country of manufacture: Switzerland

Care instructions:

Washing machine:

  • max. 30 °C
  • Wash in the wool washing programme of the washing machine

Hand wash:

  • wash in lukewarm water only
  • Wash gently
  • Do not rub or wring

Woolen garments should be washed very gently by hand in lukewarm water, or in the wool-waxing programme of your washing machine. Do not wring or rub them, as they will become matted. Thanks to their dirt-repellent properties, washing them too often is unnecessary; airing them outdoors is sufficient.

You can findmore wool/silk underwear and other children's clothing made of wool, silk and organic cotton in our clothing category !

Material info:

Wool clothing warms better than any other material. Skin respiration and fabric exchange are regulated. Wool absorbs up to 35% of its own weight in moisture, so the garment does not feel damp and yet warms reliably at the same time. Wool is particularly elastic, dirt and water repellent and has a temperature-balancing and heat-regulating effect.

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