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Salt Crystal Lamp with Wooden Base, Small

approx. 1.5-2 kg, with wooden base

Item number WDS-15239

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Illuminated salt crystal ROCK, approx. 1.5-2 kg, with wooden base - Handmade from salt crystal.

This noble salt crystal lamp made of a salt boulder is suitable for indoor use, where it conjures up a warm soothing light in the room. Each salt lump is unique due to its natural nature and may differ in shape and colour from the picture! This lamp is ideal as a soft light for the children's room or the living room. The salt crystal lamp creates a special atmosphere in every living room with its soft and warm light!

The enclosed electric is approx. 110 cm long and includes a toggle switch.

Special bulb (E14) included!

Product information:

Salt crystal lamp, illuminated salt crystal skirt on wooden base.
Electric with toggle switch, cable length ca. 110 cm
Incl. illuminant (E14)
Dimensions: H: 17 x 10 x 10 cm
Weight: 1,5-2 kg


Further Salt crystal lamps, Lamps, Lamps and Fairy lights you will find in our category Lights, candles & lamps!

The crystal salt comes from the Salt Range in the province of Punjab, approx. 200 km south of the Himalayas.

Not suitable for room lighting in the household - The crystal salt comes from the Salt Range in the province of Punjab, approx. 200 km south of the Himalayas.

Salt crystal lamps have a very positive influence on the room climate.

There are negative and positive charged particles (ions) in the room air. The ratio of these ions can change through the operation of electrical devices such as computers, mobile phones, televisions and others in such a way that it becomes unhealthy for people. There are then too few negatively charged particles in the room air. Salts are also made up of positive and negative ions. Salt crystal lamps are able to bring the ratio of charged particles back into a healthy balance: The salt lamps release negative ions, which are missing in the room air due to electrical devices.

This mode of action is known from stays at the seaside or in spas. Salt air has a positive and healing effect on the soul and the organism: 

Support of the cardiovascular system
Reduction of the cholesterol content in the blood
Blood pressure lowering
Strengthening of the immune system
Positive effect on the digestive system
Pain relief in the joints
Strengthening of the nervous system

Illuminated salt crystals

The effects of salt crystal lamps on people and the indoor climate are extensive. The visually appealing salt crystals optimise the room air and positively influence the human organism. The colours and the soft light have a soothing effect on the soul.

Each salt crystal lamp is handmade from a carefully selected salt lump. The salt chunks are carefully checked according to the high quality standards of Wagner Life Design. The exclusive production Himalaya Salt Dreams in Kashmir is characterised by exemplary working conditions, under strict observance of human rights and without child labour!!!! Wagner Life Design pays the workers approx. 25% higher wages compared to the regional average. In addition, we guarantee free medical care for our employees;

Energy efficiency classes E

Item ID 10018109
Age rating 12 and older
Manufacturer Wagner Life Design
Weight 2100 g
Dimensions 100×100×170mm
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