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Waffle Maker for Campfire

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Baking waffles has always been a great childhood experience. When the smell rises through the kitchen and the apartment, children's eyes light up. With the campfire waffle iron we want to make the experience even more tangible. When the child stands together with their parents at the warming fire, the waffle dough is filled into the preheated iron and the warming fire cooks the dough, baking waffles becomes another, more real experience. The scratch- and cut-resistant, cast-iron waffle iron for the campfire can also be used on the barbecue, wood stove or electric stove (also induction stove) Size 17cmx 63cm (with wooden handles on handles), weight 2kg Tested by the Waldorfshop-Team with children -)

Item ID 200087
Age rating 14 and older
Manufacturer Rome Industries
Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 610×30×0mm
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