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Freshly flaked brings healthier pleasure! Cereal flakes are not only the basis of a healthy breakfast cereal, but also taste great in home-baked bread, rolls, fried foods etc. Easy to use for children. Made of solid beech wood. Funnel filling quantity (oats): approx. 150 g. Dimensions: H 28 x W 12 x D (without crank) 16 cm. 2,8 kg. This successful model has been built unchanged for about 25 years. In the stable housing made of solid beech wood, 2 steel rollers crush grain into fresh, healthy, easily digestible flakes. The crank is very smooth-running, as it works with a reduction gear: Two crank turns result in only one roller turn. This means that even small children can prepare their own flakes, and the muesli tastes twice as good! Oat flakes are the easiest to make, as oats are naturally soft and smooth. With the adjusting lever on the front you can choose between finer, medium and coarser flakes in 3 stages. The solid appliance is designed for years of use and is ecologically very valuable because it does not use electricity. Freshly flaked brings healthier pleasure! On the other hand, the flakes offered in the shops have already lost vital substances (vitamins, enzymes, minerals) through heating and storage and have therefore also lost their taste. Freshly flaked cereals not only serve as the basis for a healthy breakfast cereal with fruit, but also taste great in home-baked bread, rolls, fried foods etc. The Anni Flake Crusher is delivered with clamp for a table top thickness of up to 5 cm. The arresting edge on the housing provides an extra secure stand on the worktop and convenient operation of the hand crank. very easy to use 3-step adjustment for each cereal Housing: solid beech wood, oiled with linseed oil with smooth-running hand crank Steel rollers Stand with felt pads Table clamp up to a worktop thickness of 5 cm is included Funnel capacity (oats): approx. 150 g Height of base for bowl: 5.5 cm

Item ID 2774000
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer LUBA
Weight 2845 g
Dimensions 300×205×130mm
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Flake Crusher

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