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The especially soft tea towels made of 100% washed linen bring a colourful atmosphere into every kitchen. With their minimalist design, they spread a modern and elegant look and yet radiate cosiness with their lively colours. The natural, anti-allergenic linen material makes the tea towels highly absorbent and hard-wearing. The linen is produced in sustainable, regional production in Lithuania we offer the tea towels in the colours burgundy, moss green, blue and mustard. Each tea towel is equipped with a practical hook for hanging... Linen Tales is a boutique linen shop from Vilnius/Lithuania. In sustainable and regional production they make natural and handmade linen products from 100% high quality European linen for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. All products are manufactured and processed according to the highest standards in Lithuania dimensions: 65x45 cm. Material: 100% pre-washed linen (215g/m2). Care instructions: wash separately with the first wash, further washes at 40 degrees, for stubborn surfaces washing at 60 degrees is possible.

Item ID 10001478
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Linen Tales
Weight 86 g
Dimensions 650×450×5mm
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Linen Tales

Linen Tea Towel

Item number WDS-2332

EUR 9.00 *
Content 1 piece
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