Hand Grain Mill Molere

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7 days - 7 CerealsMonday - RiceTuesday - BarleyWednesday - MilletThursday - RyeFriday - OatsSaturday - CornSunday - WheatFrom: "The Seven Cereals - Food for People" by Udo RenzenbrinkWithin the first 24 hours, flour loses most of its vital substances. Now you can grind your flour only shortly before baking - without any electricity. The large crank handle is very easy to operate - therefore a good idea for kindergarten and school equipment with a stone grinder and smooth-running crank handle, which is just right for quick use without electricity. As ideal for coarse grinding for fresh grain muesli as it is for grinding the finest flour. Easy to operate for right and left-handed users alike. This practical hand mill also impresses with its use of solid beech wood and its minimalist, rustic design. It was developed according to the principle: "Away from energy consumption, towards ease of use" and is as solid as the name: molere (lat.) = to grind. The removable funnel sits on a rectangular, stable wooden block. Thanks to the exposed, extra-large precision millstones made of precious corundum-ceramic, Ø 7 cm, it can be observed how the grain is ground into flour. All dry grain can be ground to the desired fineness. The degree of fineness is adjusted by two wing nuts. Freshly milled grain is one of the most valuable for your health, it is best to enjoy it daily. Hawos mills bear witness to over 30 years of experience. Partial orders to workshops for handicapped people prove the social commitment of the company. Every single mill undergoes a strict quality and final control. The scope of delivery includes a collecting tray made of robust glass with lid and 2 clamps for a table top thickness of up to 5 cm.housing: solid beech wood from sustainable forestry. Surface outside protected with linseed oil varnish. 2 table clamps for a table top thickness up to 5 cm. Height for bowl: 10 cm. Dimensions without crank: H 25,5 x W 12 x D 16 cm. Base: H 19 x W 12 x D 5 cm. Crank radius: 38 cm. Weight: 2.1 kg.for all dry cerealsincluding glass bowl (17 x 11 cm, capacity approx. 250 g) with lidwith lid and table holderPrecision grinding stones made of corundum-ceramicMassive beech wood surface with linseed oil varnish on the outside 2 table clamps up to a plate thickness of 5 cmMilling speed/min. at approx. 100 turns of the crank: fine approx. 25 g, coarse approx. 50 gFilling funnel removableFilling quantity of funnel (wheat): approx. 260 produced in Germany

Item ID 4338600
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Hawos
Weight 3495 g
Dimensions 265×215×180mm
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