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With this craft kit you can create a beautiful, colorful star of the seasons. 10 pentagons, through each of which a pentagram shines, form a circle that changes with its colors through the seasons. With the template and the vivid instructions you can easily create the window picture yourself with a little folding art. 

Dimensions and content:

  • 20 sheets of transparent paper; each sheet 15 x 15 cm. 
  • one template.
  • one instruction. 

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The Symbol of the Pentagram

The pentagram, the regular five star, is an ancient occult symbol. As a design principle we can find it in the cosmos and in nature. For example, from a geocentric point of view, Venus draws a pentagram into the celestial space over the course of eight years. On earth we find the symbol e.g. in the core of the apple and in the flowers of the rose plants. Since the five-pointed star can be drawn in one go without setting off, in ancient times it was considered a symbol of the eternal cycle of life. Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education also work with the symbol of the pentagram, e.g. with regard to the etheric currents and in eurythmy.

Further material on anthroposophy and Waldorf education can be found here.


From the impulse to find products that are meaningful, sustainable, fairly produced and aesthetically pleasing, our own brand waldorfkind was born. Here we can design articles according to our ideas and carry them out into the world in cooperation with manufacturers and artists.

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Kit waldorfkind Stars for all Seasons

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