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The knitting fork is ideal for beginners in manual work. With the included wool in BIO quality, you can knit cords of different lengths. These can be sewn together for example as horse rope for playing, compressed in the washing machine (fixed rope to fix something), knitted as a gift ribbon or a cord that never ends. Working with the knitting fork calms children, makes them come to their senses and gives them rest points during the day. The knitting fork is made of oiled solid wood and comes in a set with 50 g of wool and instructions.

Dimensions: L 16 cm

Age recommendation: from approx. 5 years

ATTENTION. Not suitable for children under three years of age. Long cord. Risk of strangulation.

For your information: Wollmanufaktur Filges Wool from sheep from controlled organic, regional animal husbandry and a processing in which every step is subject to control by Bioland, this is what the wool manufacture of Katrin and Peter Filges stands for. The washed wool is combed and dyed in pure, especially harmoniously shining plant colours in a handicraft work.

Item ID 4343200
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Filges
Weight 85 g
Dimensions 160×100×60mm
tab placehold


Knitting Fork with Wool

Item number 6272

EUR 14.00 *
Content 50 gram
Unit price EUR 28.00 / 100 gram
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