Stockmar Gouache Paints Set

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The finely coordinated opaque colours in proven Stockmar artist quality are ideally suited for use in Waldorf kindergartens and Waldorf schools. The artistically designed metal paint box contains twelve water-based paints with unique luminosity, a tube of opaque white, a removable mixing palette and a high-quality, dimensionally stable brush made of Ponex synthetic hair. As neither the paint cups nor the mixing palette are permanently integrated in the box, they can be used practically where they are needed. Due to the high concentration of the colour pigments, the opaque colours are even more productive and retain their colour intensity even when heavily diluted. Colours have a direct effect on people, especially on children in their first and second year of life. The composition of the colours is based on Goethe's extended colour circle. The fine tuning of the Stockmar colours results in harmonious shades when mixed. The three primary colours yellow, red and blue form a triangle in the colour box, between which the secondary colours green, orange and violet are placed. By mixing the primary colours with the secondary colours, the colour circle is extended, for example with red violet and yellow orange. As there are two shades of each primary colour in the cover box, the colour spectrum and the variety of mixtures increases and children can immerse themselves in an imaginative, playful and creative use of the colours. Contents: tin case in cardboard packaging. 12 colour tablets: 01 carmine red, 02 vermilion, 04 gold yellow, 05 lemon yellow, 08 blue green, 10 ultramarine blue, 12 red violet, 13 red brown, 15 black, 18 Prussian blue, 33 orange, 36 sap green. Accessories: opaque white, brush and mixing palette. Certificates: CE, FSC. For many decades, the Schleswig-Holstein-based company Stockmar has been producing quality products for art and art education. Building on Waldorf education, Stockmar products enable a genuine experience based on sensory experience. In product development and manufacture, Stockmar places great emphasis on ecological and social standards in addition to art education and aesthetic aspects. In doing so, the company combines decades of experience with the latest findings. From the packaging, shape, colour, scent and texture, as well as the artistic possibilities of the products, everything at Stockmar fits together to create an aesthetic, sensual and artistic overall result.

Item ID 10001546
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Stockmar
Weight 345 g
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