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The classic, hinged Opinel knife with a stainless, pointed steel blade is robust and practical. The safety ring protects the knife from unintentional closing during work and from folding out during transport. The blue beech wood handle has a leather strap to attach the knife to a key ring or snap hook. The imitation leather case is equipped with a belt loop and snap hook. Waldorfshop also offers the Opinel knife as a pocket knife with leather strap without case. For children we recommend the children's pocket knife in several colours. Dimensions: length handle 11 cm, length blade 8,5 cm, length opened 19,5 cm. Weight 47 g. In the fourth generation, the Opinel company produces durable and functional pocket knives. In 1890, in a small Savoy village in Maurienne, Joseph Opinel invented the pocket knife that bears his name today. The Chambéry factory employs 130 people, 75 of whom are directly involved in production. In addition to pocket knives, Opinel produces pocket tools for DIY, sports, outdoor activities and gardening, as well as kitchen knives and table knives.

Item ID 4326640
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Opinel
Weight 76 g
Dimensions 135×65×35mm
tab placehold


Opinel Poxket Knife with Leather Strap and Case

Item number 4326640

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