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Thomas Radetzki and Matthias Eckoldt follow the processes in the bee colony close to the wings. They describe the changing rhythms in the colony, the virtuoso communication of the bees and their finely tuned cooperation in all actions. As the most successful enterprise in the world, the bees demonstrate that a community can only exist in the long run if all those involved win. The book breaks new ground: it is about society, politics, education, economy, agriculture, food production, new horizons and life perspectives, about appreciation, gross national happiness and the lack of resonance rooms. Not only beekeepers, farmers and bee scientists are quoted, but also management consultants, educationalists, sociologists, systems theoreticians, pastors and philosophers have their say: When it moves out, it leaves everything behind and is carriedsolely by its trust in the abundance of the world. "The life of bees has never been written about in such a captivating and lively way as in this book. The speedy ride through the hive clearly shows that we will only save the wild and honey bees if we know how to save ourselves. - Max Moor

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Inspiration Biene

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